Flood Damage in Prijedor


We are still in pre-project mode here in Prijedor. A few other participants have arrived but most come today or tomorrow.

Yesterday we met with the Mile and Thea from Cisto Srce, a youth humanitarian organization in Prijedor. They do awesome work with young people and have been contributing a lot to the relief efforts since the floods.

Prijedor was had a lot of damage from the floods two weeks ago. The river burst through the barriers on the southern bank saving the city center from the rising waters. Many many homes were damaged and you can see photos from the high point two weeks ago. Much of the water has receded but it has left mud, mold, and dangerous buildings for residents. Later this week we will work together with Cisto Srce and Centar Za Mlade Kvart to help distribute aid that has been collected to families around the city.

In the meantime, we are preparing for the May 31st White Armband Day demonstration later today. The demonstration seeks to draw attention to the city government’s continued refusal to publicly acknowledge the killings of more than 3100 civilians in Prijedor, of whom 102 were children. There are more than ten monuments to Serb soldiers who died in the war but the city government has not granted permission for a memorial for these children. We will update later this week on the demonstration.

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