2014 Report: Project on Peacebuilding

2014 Report - Project on Peacebuilding2014 was the first year of the Project on Peacebuilding, building on last year’s Most Mira – Humanity in Action International Exchange. We were a group of 11 people: four Bosnians and seven international participants. Six of us were Humanity in Action (HiA) Senior Fellows. We arrived in Bosnia and Herzegovina just weeks after floodwaters threatened to wipe away parts of the country still struggling to heal wounds of war that are now two decades deep.  As part of the Project on Peacebuilding (PoP), we came to Prijedor to learn about arts and activism in Republika Srpska.

This year’s report is unconventional: it is a collection of art,  stories, quotes, photography, and poetry from participants of the Project on Peacebuilding. All of the art are original pieces  inspired by the artists’ engagement with Humanity in Action, Most Mira, and our time in Bosnia.

Please download the report  or view it below. We hope you enjoy!

Download: 2014 Report – Project on Peacebuilding

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