POP 2015 Report

What is Local Peacebuilding?

This year’s Project on Peacebuilding (POP) was motivated by one central question: what does peacebuilding look like when it is driven by grassroots local activism, rather than top-down or international institutions?

Peacebuilding is often understood as work driven and led by government or international organisations, but local activists and local communities are the main stakeholders in this delicate peace that is trying to be built. In order to explore this theme, the group engaged in discussions, workshops, and activism with a variety or local organisations and groups.

This report is a collection of reflections by participants in the 2015 Project on Peacebuilding organised by Most Mira, in partnership with Humanity in Action.

“Local Activism for Local Peacebuilding – August 2015”
Download the full report: PDF


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