Local Peacebuilding Through Friendships


By Sara Jalimam

Peacebuilding is a process of strengthening a society’s capacity to manage a conflict in non-violent ways. In this community, peacebuilding means a lot and not just in a general way. Peacebuilding represents something different for everyone; it affects us all in a different way. But we all can agree on one thing: we are building a better and safer community for ourselves and the future generations through peacebuilding.

With the help of Most Mira, peacebuilding has gained a really important role in the community of Kevljani. Since the first year, the Project on Peacebuilding (PoP) has shown younger generations that we shouldn’t live in hatred of others but to understand the difference. The projects are usually about the Balkan wars or post-conflict situations and last a week with Bosnian and international students.

The Project on Peacebuilding in Kevljani is an interesting opportunity everyone, both students and the local community. It has a different approach to what happened in the past through many activities or cultural visits or workshops. The project doesn’t just affect the organizers and the students but the whole community. The community is a big part of the project. With their support, the students have a better view on Bosnia and the whole community.


One of the many activities during the week was for the students to meet their neighbors: we went door-to-door greeting and inviting the residents of Kevljani and organized many fun events that bring the project and the community closer. The project is full of visits and lectures and includes locals who tell their stories and the work they do with the community. We learned so much new knowledge that can actually change a person and their view on the world and this society. And PoP is not just lectures and learning—it’s also filled with many fun activities. It is not necessary to be somewhere fun because all the people who were around us in this project quickly became our new friends and we supported each other to laugh and feel good.

This project is a wonderful experience that everybody should attend because it opened my eyes to a better future and gave me faith in trusting people again. It taught me that the only thing important in life is to listen to others and just talk and get to know those who are different and not to be scared or judge them. Local peacebuilding is really about personal relationships and friendships.

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