POP Report 2019

Where Memories Are Still Alive

This report is dedicated to the places we visited during the POP 2019 and the text is written by the project participants. We hope that this is our small contribution to the peacebuilding process in the region.

We’ve endeavoured to create an overview of each location we visited over the course of the programme, outlining the key sites, questions to consider, and opportunities for further reading. We hope that this will become a valuable resource for future POP participants and those interested in learning more about the region.


Download the full report here: POP Report 2019

Community Survey Results 2019
This is the fourth year of the Most Mira Community Survey. POP participants have conducted the community survey in 2015, 2017, 2018, and 2019. Researchers approached community members on the street in Kevljani, Kozarac, and Prijedor. In total, the community survey collected 155 responses in 2019.

Main Findings

  • The economy was viewed as the most important issue (43%), followed by education(16%), healthcare (14%), and corruption (15%).
  • 69% of all respondents had family abroad in contrast to only 56% of respondents in Prijedor
  • 78% of respondents were registered to vote, while only 51% always vote
  • 51% very often or sometimes talk about politics with their family or friends
  • 93% do not donate to political parties or candidates
  • 15% reported participating in a peacebuilding activity in the last 12 months
  • 49% of respondents said that inter-ethnic relations are “poor”
  • 44% of respondents believed inter-ethnic relations are the same as last year while 36% believed relations were the same as 5 years ago
  • 62% had negative perceptions of neighboring countries contributions to peacebuilding
  • Diaspora reported returning to Bosnia on average for 5.6 weeks per year.

Download the summary of the survey findings: Survey 2019.



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